10TH JUNE 2016

This show was part of the band’s 25 Years tour and this venue and audience always give a big welcome to The Producers as this is founder member and bass player Dave Saunders’ home town. Tonight was even more special as the band’s occasional brass section were in place and featured on old favourite New Money which kicked the show off in great style. The first set featured many crowd pleasers from the band’s back catalogue including a hard rocking Somewhere Down The Line and a swinging Janine. Highlight of this set for me was the stunning slow number Preservation Blues which opens with the line” Six o’clock in the morning my working day is done”. Harry Skinner is a master of slow blues and this number builds the intensity with a pulsing heartbeat bass, soulful vocals, blueswailing horns and spare guitar as it reaches a stunning climax. The second set was devoted largely to the new 25 Years album with the brass section and Ray Drury’s pumping organ featuring heavily on the rocking Change, Change, Change. A catchy piano and guitar riff opens Bees And Honey with Biff Smith’s drums driving things along and then barrelhouse piano and honking horns light up the rollicking She Ain’t Back Yet. Harry has some fun blowing harp on the exhilarating Roller Coastin’ Blues and duels with the horns on the funky Down Home Girl. We are treated to another slow blues with wonderful emotive vocals and classy guitar work on the classic You Don’t Miss Your Water. The evening closes with wonderful slide guitar and wailing horns on the barnstorming Elmore James style Mule and the inspired reworking of One Kind Favour which Harry describes as the band’s Hawkwind moment. The rapturous audience are then treated to an encore with the lovely jazzy Moondance. The Producers are playing many festivals and gigs this year and I would urge you to catch them live as this is my favourite line-up and they are on top form.