I am sure anyone who was a fan of ‘The Producers’ in the past is really glad that the band have reformed. In the new line up, including two new members, Ray on keyboards and Biff on drums, with original members, Harry Skinner, vocals/guitar, and Dave Saunders on bass. This band has the respect of other musicians in the music business, and this is borne out by the guest appearances of Andy Fairweather Low, Paul Lamb and Ben Waters, all adding their particular talent to this great album. It’s hard to say which tracks stand out on this album as they are all so good. Certain tracks I have to mention for special attention “Preservation Blues”, “Coming Back For You”, “Little Miss Sunshine” (great reggae beat with a Beatles riff thrown in), “London Blues” (has a smokey blues feel), and anyone who has a credit card will relate to “The Money Lender”. While “The Wrong Way Home” will strike a chord with the people in the North East as it mentions a local beauty spot !!! Being a fan of this band for many years I know what a hugely talented group they are. This collection of self penned songs beautifully written and performed, reinforces their reputation for quality. This album is well worth adding to anyone’s collection, every song is different and has merit. Five stars in my book. Buy it and try it you won’t be disappointed.

Christine Moore review featured in Blues Matters