The Producers at The Bullfrog Blues Club

October 2nd 2014
This friendly little blues club always gets a good turn out when The Producers are in town and tonight is no exception. Frontman Harry Skinner kicked the evening off with old favourite New Money a song with lyrics that are still highly relevant in today’s economic climate. New Money builds in intensity with Harry’s fleet fingered guitar duelling with Ray Drury’s swirling Hammond organ and this got the gig off to a great start. Next up was the rockin’ T-Birds dancer Sugar Coated Love and the audience were now completely won over. An atmospheric Spoonful was followed by the showstopping and superbly emotive slow blues Some People Say with Harry declaiming “Some people say that I ain’t got the blues”. The audience reaction proved that Harry definitely does get the blues...

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The Producers were back in town

We can’t get enough of a good thing; not only cream cakes, whiskey and sunshine; it can also be music. Take The Producers; on 22nd March this year, we enjoyed this amazing Blues band in St Ives Guildhall and we enjoyed two of the band, Harry Skinner (guitar and vocals) and Dave Saunders (bass player of note) again, as precursor to Andy Fairweather Low in the current Festival fortnight. So it was a real pleasure on 20th September 2014 to once more welcome The Producers to the Guildhall as part of Mojo Promotions contribution to this year’s Festival. But first we enjoyed yet more powerful Blues from Kent DuChaine.

Kent plays his 80 years old steel guitar (Lead Bessie, geddit!) hard, wresting great sound from the instrument...

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St Ives Guildhall rolled in the Blues with The Producers!

In their first St Ives Guildhall concert on March 22, The Producers showcased the contemporary manifestation of a musical tradition that traces its roots back more than a century and a half, more than four thousand miles away and to a world far from our experience. But, whether distance, time or culture, the Blues travels well.

From the southern USA to that country’s northern cities, it was the music of the underdog: chronicling life, love, sex, betrayal, hardship and death in the Afro-American experience. Given that past, it’s a miracle that the Blues ever broke free of its origins; but it did and we’re eternally grateful for that.

Britain, in particular, took to the music and the 1960s, alongside the ‘pop music’ revolution, also spawned a thriving and creative Blues scene.


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The Producers @ Glastonbury Fringe Festival!

King Arthur, Benedict St, Glastonbury.

Adv tickets £10.00 from <>

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The Producers @ Exebridge Festival

Friday 20th June

From 12 noon, food available.

Lovely riverside setting!


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The Producers @ St Ives Festival

Sat 20th September 2014

Ticket prices t/b/a

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Cornwall Ho!


We are pleased to announce a couple of dates in Cornwall for March 2014. A chance to see the band over the course of 2 nights at 2 great live music venues.

Friday 21st March, we are playing at The St Austell Brewery in St Austell. (click here for tickets)
And Saturday 22nd March we are playing at The Guildhall in St Ives. (click here for tickets)
We are very excited about playing at these two venues and as always, it is always good to receive advanced bookings, so book your tickets today!

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Hello Bournemouth!


The Producers played the seafront stage on the old iMax site this Summer to an audience of thousands. What a great ‘home’ gig for them and they certainly had the audience rocking in the aisles! Thanks to Bournemouth Council for such a great Summer facility.

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Alan White interviews Harry Skinner for his ‘Early Blues’ website

Recently reformed after an 8 year absence – The Producers, fronted by Harry Skinner on guitar & vocals & Big Dave Saunders on bass won the top UK Blues Band over 4 consecutive years before going their separate ways in 2002. Now they’re back. Harry & Dave still front the band ably assisted by Ray Drury on Hammond & Biff Smith on drums. They went down a storm at the Carlisle Blues Festival in 2009 and I caught up with them again at the Blues N’Booze Festival 2010 at The Box, Royal Hotel,  Crewe.

Alan:     What are your first musical memories?

Harry:   My earliest musical memory is of The Beatles ‘Michelle’ on the Radio (1965) I am a little surprised that I don’t remember anything earlier though I do remember my mum playing the piano...

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London Blues – Review

I am sure anyone who was a fan of ‘The Producers’ in the past is really glad that the band have reformed. In the new line up, including two new members, Ray on keyboards and Biff on drums, with original members, Harry Skinner, vocals/guitar, and Dave Saunders on bass. This band has the respect of other musicians in the music business, and this is borne out by the guest appearances of Andy Fairweather Low, Paul Lamb and Ben Waters, all adding their particular talent to this great album. It’s hard to say which tracks stand out on this album as they are all so good...

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